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Key Services Plymouth

We offer a number of key services in Plymouth, including key cutting, single key entry and master keys. In addition, we can supply more bespoke replacement keys for objects and devices such as clocks and boxes. Our services have been used across the city, and we even handcrafted the key for the Eddystone Lighthouse on the Hoe! If you have urgent key issues, such as a broken or lost key, we also offer emergency locksmith services. We work with domestic and commercial customers and even cater for vehicles. So, give us a call or pop in store for more information or to visit our key cutting desk.

Master Keys and Suited Locks

Our experienced team can assist you if you are looking to equip your premises with master keys or suited locks. There are a number of master key systems available depending on whether you are looking to prioritise convenience or security. Popular in commercial spaces, as well as with managers of HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation), we can provide comprehensive entry systems to suit a variety of needs. Not to mention, as experts in our field, we can offer professional security advice so that you can choose the most suitable solution.

Uses for Master Key Systems

There are many uses for master key systems. For example, master key and slave key systems are useful for landlords, providing one key that opens all the doors (held by the landlord), as well as each lock having its own, unique key for private access (held by the tenant). Additionally, these entry systems are perfect for businesses, enabling them to have multiple keyholders, or to protect restricted-access areas. We can also rekey locks to create a master key system, or you may prefer to opt for specially installed suited locks, for a particular area or property.

Single Key Entry Systems

We also offer single key entry systems, allowing easy access to all rooms or properties with the use of a single key. While less secure than a more comprehensive master key system, single key entry is cost-effective and practical for areas and locations where high security is not as essential as convenience.

Bespoke Keys

We can also make bespoke keys for a range of unique uses. From lighthouses and churches to jewellery boxes and safes, we have custom-cut a wide variety over the years. Our skilled team are well practiced in producing even the most intricate designs. Bespoke keys can be required for:

Visit Our Hardware Shop

Visit our hardware shop for quick turn arounds on replacement or spare keys, while you wait. For more complex keys, we will provide a no-obligation quote and an estimated time for completion. We look forward to seeing you.

Call Devon Door & Lock Co.

We’ve got the keys, we’ve got the secret to accessing and securing all areas of your home or business. So, call us today if you need replacement keys or other key services in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

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